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摘要:本文主要是关于2019年8月25日的新托福写作考题回顾,希望能对大家的考试有所帮助。 考试日期: 2019.8.25 Task 1 INTEGRATED 综合写作 Irish round tower 的用途。 阅读说明三个理论: 1. 作为 fort 来抵御外敌,因为门建的很高。 2. 作为 bell towers ,因




Task 1



Irish round tower的用途。


1. 作为fort来抵御外敌,因为门建的很高。

2. 作为bell towers,因为名字听起来很像在Irish language里面的bell tower

3. 作为observation tower,因为这个塔很高。


1. 门高是因为没有地下的地基,所以只能从地面建一个地基。

2. 爱尔兰语叫stone house,因为那时候很多tower都是石头做的,这跟bell tower没有关系。

3. 虽然塔很高,但是塔上的窗户很小,只能看特定方向。而且有山,看不到很远,所以不会作为observation tower

Task 2   INDEPENDENT  独立写作




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Although science and technology will continue to improve, the most significant improvement of the quality of people’s lives has already taken place.


With the government funding in scientific research dramatically increased and the number of talents in scientific field exploding, ground-breaking discoveries have been springing up, elevating the life quality of citizens to a higher level. Under such scenario, some people put forward that the most essential technological or scientific helper has already showed up in people’s daily lives. However, albeit the convenience and efficiency brought by the current inventions, there is still a long way to go before it is safe to say that no extra efforts should be paid to advance science and technology.


Granted, the scientists and the government have made giant strides in scientific research, giving birth to a myriad of major discoveries that greatly improve people’s living standard. For example, the advent of the Internet has made it possible for people to access to information and exchange ideas at any time and in any situation; the advent of airplanes and high-speed trains has largely shortened the distance between cities and even countries, allowing people to go anywhere they want to enjoy totally different cultures; the advent of artificial intelligence has brought about huge change in working efficiency in service industry, making it easier for people to handle transactions in a faster fashion. That being said, due to the continuous improvement of the brain capacity and requirements for life, there are still facets that remain in stasis and demand the help of state-of-art technology.


First, science and technology still need to advance in the field of environmental protection. While newly-discovered energy sources such as solar, wind and nuclear energy can be utilized with the help of cutting-edge technological devices, heavy smog, toxic water and soil in poor quality are still smothering nearly all countries. In this sense, the cure of environmental problems is in dire need of corresponding nascent technology. Imagine a situation like this: a large battery can offer ongoing electricity and power the car without being recharged. Equipped with such a “magical” battery, all cars can function continuously, releasing no harmful emissions like carbon dioxide and sulfur into the air and demanding no more extra petrol or gas.


Additionally, science and technology still need to progress in the field of medical care. In medical system lie a profusion of problems from the prohibitively high prices of medicines to frequent medical accidents. To trace back causes, it is a dearth of delicate instrument and effective treatment that should be to blame. More research into useful chemical substance or animals that can help resist diseases and more trials testing equipment that can replace doctors, undoubtedly, will soon tackle the problem. We have, for thousands of times, heard of stories like these: the capsules targeting certain cancer can only be found overseas; doctors mistakenly leave the scalpel behind in the abdomen of the patients; infections happen because of non-sterile medical apparatus. Hence, it is imperative for the scientific world to move forward in order to wipe out these sad accidents.


To put it in a nutshell, it seems that the current advancement in science and technology has led to the convenience and satisfaction of citizens, but more endeavors should be made to address the serious problems in this day and age.



1. 的确,科学技术目前确实进步非常大,使得人们的生活质量有显著提高。比如,互联网的出现让人们可以随时随地进行沟通交流和信息搜索查阅;飞机、动车等等高级交通方式的出现让人们可以缩短城市之间甚至国家之间的距离,让人们能够更方便的去自己想去的地方旅游学习和文化交流;人工智能的出现让服务行业的效率大大提高,帮助人们更快的办理各项业务和享受到更加优质的服务。但是,因为人们的才能和思考能力在不断提高,生活的要求也在不断增加,所以仍然有很多科技没有覆盖的方面。

2. 在环境保护方面,依然没有出现最好的科技。虽然现在有很多新型的能源如太阳能、风能和核能能够被人们通过很多高科技设备利用,但是几乎所有国家依然受到恶劣的空气质量以及有害的水质和土质的影响。因此,人们急需更加先进的科技来解决环境问题。想象一下:如果有一种汽车能够自己提供能源循环使用,比如一个大电池的电量可以不停充满而不需要通过加汽油或者充电的方式使用更多能源,这样一来既不会出现对于不可再生能源的超高需求,也不会出现二氧化碳、硫化物等的排放。久而久之,空气就会变好,城市和国家会更加宜居。从这点上来看,科学技术还没有达到顶峰。

3. 在医疗方面,科技也是欠缺的。目前的医疗救助系统仍然存在许多问题,如药品和手术价格太高、医疗器械容易损坏和出现事故以及医疗事故频发等。究其原因,是医生的操作不当、有效药物的稀缺以及设备的低级而导致的。因此,需要更尖端的药物、医疗设备和人工智能来减轻医生的负担、增加非药物治疗的可能性以及提高手术的精准度,从而让病人更快痊愈,其家庭更加幸福。


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